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Metagenics Belgium BVBA

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BariNutrics Whey Neutral 21 serv.

  • Content: 21 servings
  • 26,99 Euro (VAT incl.)

Ingredients per serving
Lipids0,21 g
Saturated fatty acids0,07 g
Carbohydrate0,57 g
Sugars0,21 g
Protein20 g
Salt 131 mg
L-alanine940 mg
L-aspartic acid2280 mg
L-arginine420 mg
L-cysteine520 mg
L-phenylalanine600 mg
L-glutamic acid3500 mg
L-glycine360 mg
L-histidine340 mg
L-isoleucine1360 mg
L-leucine2140 mg
L-lysine2080 mg
L-methionine 460 mg
L-proline1180 mg
L-serine880 mg
L-threonine1400 mg
L-tryptophane420 mg
L-tyrosine600 mg
L-valine 1080 mg
Excipients: Whey protein isolate, soy lecithin
1 serving (22 g) daily, to be blended into water or into the meal of your choice
Extra features
  • Gluten-free
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • Safe during lactation
  • Suitable for vegetarians