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How do I choose the right dietary supplement?
We recommend you to consult a healthcare practitioner in your region, who will prescribe you the dietary supplement that corresponds best with your specific needs.
What are the recommended doses for the products?
This depends on the kind of supplement and is indicated on the packaging. However, your healthcare practitioner will adapt the dose according to your specific, individual needs.
Do our products correspond with Islamic or Jewish religion?
Some of our products are Kosher certified. Ask for more information at Metagenics.
I am a vegetarian, veganist. Can I take all your capsules?
For our capsules of vegetable origin, there is no problem. Our dietary supplements in powder form are nearly all of vegetable origin, except some exceptions, mentioned on the label.
Can I take several dietary supplements at the same time without in any risk?
By combining similar products, you risk exceeding the maximal dose. Consult your healthcare professional for advice.