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A unique model for product development

The platform of MetaProteomics to develop products, is the ExpresSyn process. This patented process, developed to guarantee the efficiency and predicted safety of our nutritional formulas, combines the best of all medical, biotechnological and pharmacologic research techniques and Metagenics' profound knowledge of natural ingredients.

The ExpresSyn Process involves the following processes:

  • - Ingredient Discovery. The health-supporting properties of hundreds of natural compounds and compound mixtures derived from foods, spices, and herbs with a long history of safe use are identified via in vitro enzyme assays, cell culture models, and other forms of testing.
  • - Proof of Concept. Additional testing is conducted to provide preliminary confirmation of the desired clinical target. The formulas with acceptable safety profiles at therapeutic doses are evaluated for bioavailability and metabolism in humans.
  • - Formula development. A source-safe pipeline of natural ingredients is identified, then products are formulated in the form (tablet, soft gel, or bar) that's most appropriate for the therapeutic target.
  • - Clinical experience. The new formula is evaluated for effectiveness using observational studies and random controlled studies