29 Jun 2022

A world premiere for Metagenics!

The food supplement based on pasteurized Akkermansia muciniphila bacteria will finally be placed on the market. The product was developed by the company A-Mansia, now named The Akkermansia company™, a spin-off company from the Wageningen University and UCLouvain. The product will exclusively be distributed by Metagenics in the Benelux.


It took 17 years of research as well as a marketing authorization from the European authorities to finally see this food supplement based on Akkermansia muciniphila brought to market.

I’m pleased to announce that we have reached an important partnership agreement with Metagenics, the Belgian market leader in food supplements, for the distribution of its first product in the Benelux region. This partnership was the obvious choice given that Metagenics is a privileged partner of doctors and pharmacists.
Michael Oredsson
CEO Akkermansia Company™
Food Supplement Akkermansia muciniphila

Availability Benelux

The food supplement will be available in pharmacy, para-pharmacy, online pharmacy or drugstores starting September 5th. Pharmacies will be able to express their interest as from June 30th!

We are very proud to be the first company to sign a partnership agreement with The Akkermansia Company™. We plan to invest in the development and management of observational studies in close collaboration with the prescribers. The products formulated with Akkermansia muciniphila pave the way for a new generation of food supplements.
Stijn Oste
VP Metagenics EMEA

What is the Akkermansia muciniphila?

As a reminder, the Akkermansia muciniphila bacterium was discovered for the first time in 2004. It was isolated from the human intestinal microbiota and characterized at the laboratory of Professor Willem M. de Vos (Wageningen University, Netherlands), co-founder of The Akkermansia Company™. Soon after, the team of Professor Patrice D. Cani (UCLouvain, Bruxelles, Belgium), the other co-founder of the company, discovered the effects of this bacterium.

In pasteurized form, it is stable, it has a long storage life and is easy to administer to people.

This collaboration has resulted in dozens of scientific publications and a clinical study on human subjects.

This distribution agreement is the first of many. It will make it possible to generate income which will be reinvested in R&D and in the creation of jobs in Wallonia. To mark this milestone, we decided to change the name of our company: A-Mansia Biotech has now become The Akkermansia Company™
Michael Oredsson
CEO Akkermansia Company™